This is an unofficial Pinterest iOS framework, just to provide an alternate solution to developers who are not interested in opening the webpage of Pinterest for posting image.


Features in this framework:
1) You can implement your own login window for authentication
2) Get notified about the error during pining or authentication process
3) Get notified if no board exists
4) Create new board to pin
5) Get list of existing board in Pinterest
6) Pin local images to existing or new board on Pinterest
7) Pin multiple local images to existing or new board on Pinterst
8) Pin remote image to existing or new board on Pinterest
9) Pin multiple remote image to existing or new board on Pinterest


There are 3 delegates in this framework:
1) VMPinterestDelegate
2) VMPinterestImageUploadDelegate
3) VMPinterestDebugDelegate


VMPinterestDelegate provides feedback on progress of Pinterest activities. So if you want to know which boards are present or if you have successfully signed out, you would need to use this delegate.


VMPinterestImageUploadDelegate – For local images (camera,gallery,resource) the framework first upload the image to a server and then uses the link to pin the image to a board. This delegate just provides feedback on the success/failure of the uploading process, you can use this to show the progress to the user


VMPinterestDebugDelegate – For logging errors.

How to use the Framework:
Just drag & drop the framework to your project and implement its delegate and functions.
Upload the file ImageUploadVMPinterest.php on your server and also make a folder named ‘images’.

Apple Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/vmpinterest-custom-framework/id607998053?mt=8

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